Spring is in the air and in your eyes. Ugh, your poor, red, itchy, swollen, sticky, watery eyes. Is there any relief?

If you suffer from eye allergies or blepharitis, you kind of have to bull your way through the spring and the fall seasons. I try my best to stay away from using a lot of medications, but even when I do break down and take an antihistamine it really doesn't help that much for my eyes.

There was a time a few years ago that my eyes were so swollen and red that it looked like I had been crying for months. It was painful and embarrassing. Doctors diagnosed it as seasonal blepharitis from eye allergies. Lucky me. The expensive medications the doctors gave me did nothing. Then friends suggested for me to use baby shampoo on my eyes. It was worth a try and it worked.

That's right. Baby shampoo as an eyewash. It actually helps wash away pollen and other irritants. Here's what I do: Using a cotton ball, I put a couple of drops of baby shampoo on the cotton ball then wet it with warm water. Then wash your eyelids and all around your eye. The warm water is soothing and since it's baby shampoo, it won't sting your eyes.

When my eyes start acting up from allergies I do this wash two to three times a day. Try it and tell my if it helps you. And let me know in the comments section if have a remedy.

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