Men doing foolish things to impress women has been a common thread throughout history. But, for today, we can call Jeffrey Tyler Siegel the king of the fools.

The 26-year old Arkansas man wanted to make a good impression on his date. So he hired his friend to pose as a mugger and accost the two of them. Clad in black and carrying a large knife, Siegel's accomplice jumped out from a wooded area when the couple walked by. "You can go but your girlfriend stays," said the fake attacker.

But instead Siegel's date fled. Siegel claimed he stayed and fought off the mugger, sustaining wounds to the chest and rests. But what he didn't account for was the meddlesome police. His frightened date had called them and they began combing the area for the man in black.

Of course they didn't find him, and began to grow suspicious, especially since Siegel seemed reluctant to talk to them. Then when Siegel's date told them Siegel had appeared nervous and was doing a lot of texting right before the alleged attack they presented Siegel with the opportunity to come clean without prosecution.

True to their word, the police did not charge Siegel with a crime and consider the case closed. We don't, however, think he's going to get a second date.

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