We've got the perfect setup for wildfires right now across a large portion of Texas, including all of the counties in the Big Country.


According to a story in the Abilene Reporter-News, it's bad enough that the Texas Forest Service and Governor Rick Perry are involved.  They have issued alerts and burn bans; and are urging all to be extremely cautious with flammables.

They used the phrase 'ticking time bomb' to describe a large area of Texas comprised of over 20 counties.  The lack of rain, high winds, warm temperatures, and plenty of dry vegetation make us a wildfire waiting to happen.

We got a short reprieve with some light rain in the immediate Abilene area this morning (1/25), but it won't last more than about 24 hours.  It's good to be vigilant, and be careful until we get a soaking rain.  Unfortunately the forecast is calling for zero rain and temps in the 60's as we head into the weekend.  See the full story on the ARN site. (via reporternews.com)

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