Interesting attire and visuals were Talking Heads trademarks, and the band was anything but predictable when it came to recording outside material. This way of doing things seems to have rubbed off on Florence + the Machine.

The U.K.-bred group’s costumed clip for a truncated acoustic cover of ‘Wild Wild Life’ is being used to promote Flo and co.’s headlining appearance at this year’s Bestival music festival in early September.

Singer Florence Welch is dressed in what appears to be a combination bear/fox costume, and her three band mates are also decked out as animals. Musically, they break the song down to just acoustic guitars, tambourine and a shaker, and they alternate from sitting still and looking serious to standing and doing goofy moves.

In the mid-’80s Talking Heads video for ‘Wild Wild Life,’ David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth go through a variety of looks and outfits, with Harrison memorably hamming it up as Billy Idol and Prince.

Years before that, Talking Heads made a rare exception to recording only their own original material by including a slowed-down cover of R&B singer Al Green’s hit ‘Take Me to the River‘ on the band’s second studio album, 1978′s ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food.’

Watch Florence + the Machine Cover Talking Heads’ ‘Wild Wild Life’: