Game of Thronesrecent finale didn’t quite leave us with the kind of mystery that drove anticipation for Season 6, though at least one major paternal twist seems to have spurred fan investigation anew. So much so, in fact, that even Siri appears to have been sworn to secrecy by HBO.

You’re warned of full spoilers through Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale, as well the most likely outcome of Jon Snow’s literary parents, but those long-supporting the “R+L=J” notion of Jon Snow as a product of the secret love between Rhaegar Targaeryen and Lyanna Stark can’t seem to catch a break. Regardless of what Sunday’s “The Winds of Winter” did, or didn’t confirm, iPhone users have discovered that Siri isn’t exactly on their side:

Of course, viewers would likely recognize the “singer” hint, given Season 5's mention that Rhagar Targaryen loved little more than to sing to the common people, itself a hint that Daenerys’ older brother was never the kidnapping rapist history portrayed him as. The fire tease is easier, but it remains to be seen how Jon Snow might react to notion of dragons’ blood in his veins.

Game of Thrones may make us wait until Season 7 for explicit confirmation of Rhaegar and Lyanna as Jon Snow’s parents, perhaps even introducing the man in one of Bran’s flashbacks, but are Siri’s hints enough to put this matter to bed?

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