Original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley said his upcoming solo album would be called Spaceman after former bandmate Gene Simmons told him to use the name.

He was speaking at the 20th annual Indianapolis Kiss Fan Expo, which took place over the weekend. The guitarist also took part in jams with Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick and others.

During a Q&A session on May 12, Frehley explained that the LP title was discussed during one of Simmons’ recent Vault events. “I said to the audience, ‘What about calling my new album Forty Years Later, because it’s been 40 years since my first solo record, 1978," he said. "And Gene goes, ‘No. You should call it Spaceman.’ So I figured I’d go with it. That’s a nice soundbite. Someone says, ‘How come it’s called Spaceman?’ I go, ‘Gene Simmons wanted me to.’”

You can watch the interview below.

Frehley added that the follow-up to 2016’s cover set Origins Vol. 1 would arrive in “a couple of months” and that it included an instrumental track called "Quantum Flux." Along with recently released “Bronx Boy,” the album is likely to include the two songs Frehley co-wrote with Simmons in 2017 after they reconnected following years of acrimony. “It was the first time I have worked with him while I was sober, and it was a pleasure,” Frehley admitted.

Asked by a fan about his favorite Kiss memory, Frehley replied, “That’s easy – playing Madison Square Garden three nights in New York City [in December 1977]. You know, we always used to say, when we were playing smaller clubs, ‘Tonight we’re playing the Garden.’ That was our mindset. … When we did three nights, back-to-back – what was it, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – it was a pretty awesome feeling.”

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