Queensryche have enjoyed positive reviews for their first album with new singer Todd La Torre. But don't expect to hear any praise from La Torre's predecessor, Geoff Tate, who's touring and recording with his own version of Queensryche.

Speaking with Smashing Interviews about the pending court case that should untangle the long-simmering legal battle between Tate and his former bandmates when it reaches a judge early next year, he was asked for his thoughts on the La Torre-fronted lineup's album. And he quickly made it clear that he has no plans to hear it.

"I'm not interested at all," he said. "I haven't listened to it and won't listen to it. I really ripped off the rear-view mirror, and I'm speeding down the road. I'm not interested in what they're doing. I spent 30 years with those guys. I know what they're doing."

Lamenting that he spent those years "having to bend over backward and compromise and please everybody," Tate admitted he was initially pretty torn up about being fired by a group of guys whose livelihoods he insists he worked hard to protect. But he was quick to point out that he's landed feet-first.

"I feel completely freed now -- artistically, creatively, spiritually -- to follow my own path and participate in my art the way I want to do it without compromising with other people and their situations, whatever those convoluted situations were," he concluded. "So I'm very happy. I have an incredible support team of people around me that are happy to be there. I'm excited to work with happy and excited people who have ideas. That is breathtaking to me."

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