Glenn Hughes has been through an awful lot during his long career, and he can make it through just about anything. Just don't ask him to make music with members of the so-called "millennial" generation — as far as Hughes is concerned, they want everything handed to them and they aren't prepared to pull their own weight.

Hughes offered his thoughts on the younger generation during a recent visit to the White Line Fever podcast, opening the subject — as you can hear below — by partly attributing the demise of his short-lived California Breed project to the age gap between himself and singer Andrew Watt, whom he described as "a very talented young man" yet still the wrong fit.

"I was bamboozled into forming that band," said Hughes. "It was the wrong move for me ... The guy is a millennial, the guy is 25 years old, and it was difficult to play with somebody who's in a different headspace from me."

California Breed suffered a number of setbacks, including the departure of drummer Jason Bonham prior to the tour in support of their album, and looking back, Hughes suggested he should have called it quits instead of taking a rejiggered lineup on the road — and admitted he doesn't have a high opinion of the album or fond memories of the period surrounding its release. As for millennials? Without suggesting Watt has all the characteristics he listed, he made it abundantly obvious that he doesn't have a very high opinion of them as a group.

"People in my age group have worked their asses off to get this. And a lot of youngsters — and some youngsters don't feel that way — they just want it all, they want it now, they want what you've got and they're not willing to work their asses off for three or four decades to get it. And it just doesn't work that way," said Hughes. "I'm old school. I've had a heart attack, I've been shot at, pistol-whipped, run over with a car, I've been stabbed, and all of a sudden, I'm working with people that have no idea what I've been through and they just want success. And success, you just don't get it overnight."

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