The 'Story of My Life' video is a bit of a behind-the-scenes peek at One Direction before they became the biggest boy band on the planet -- and now you can get a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the video itself!

The guys had a blast reminiscing and reenacting scenes from childhood photographs, though some of them were pretty sheepish at times. Remember 90s fashion? Then you can understand why! (Just ask Niall Horan.)

"Filming a scene with my mum, recreating a picture of us when I was about four, is just gonna look pretty nineties," Harry Styles chuckled. "It's gonna be good!"

Zayn Malik showed off his handy man prowess, screwing a chair together, then deadpanning, "I do all my own stunts." He also was keen on playing with the toys on set from his childhood. So cute!

Liam Payne got sentimental about the shoot. "It's quite nice to look at everyone else's pictures, actually," he said. "When everyone else was a little kid -- we were all doing the same thing, and now we're together doing the same thing. So technically, we've lived our lives in sync!"

Louis Tomlinson, as usual, was pretty silly. "It's pretty cool to put these pajamas on again. I think it shows what great shape I've stayed in all my life."

About 7,000 photos of the boys were used in the shoot, and it took directors about five days to get them all together, hung up, arranged and assembled -- and that was before any of the 1D members even got on set!

One particularly useful trick that directors employed? Using green poles to hold the boys' and their co-stars' arms and legs in place so they wouldn't move if their muscles got too tired; the poles were later removed in editing. Smart!

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