If you're like me, you can go for something creepy any time of the year, not just around Halloween. Texas has no shortage when it comes to haunted history, that's for sure. Whether it's an abandoned hospital with a spiritual presence or an old schoolhouse with paranormal activity, Texas has a little spooky everything, including haunted bridges.

I have to tell you about one bridge in particular. It has a dark history and a reputation for high paranormal activity, and it's only an afternoon's drive from Abilene. The Old Alton Bridge in Denton is better known by its nickname, "Goatman's Bridge."

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Photo: Buzzfeed Unsolved Network/YouTube
Photo: Buzzfeed Unsolved Network/YouTube

The History

Constructed in 1884, the bridge was built to connect Denton to the small community of Alton. Its eerie legend began to take root soon after its completion. I wanted to know more so I sought out Legends of America for some details about the bridge. According to folklore, a goat farmer named Oscar Washburn lived near the bridge. He was commonly known as "the Goatman" due to his herding of black goats, which locals believed he used for occult practices.

As rumors of his weird activities spread, a group of local vigilantes confronted Washburn one night in 1938. They attacked the old man, dragged him to the bridge, and hung him. This act of violence created the curse that is said to haunt the bridge to this day.

Witness Accounts

Stories are told of the vengeful spirit of the Goatman, who now roams the area of the bridge, seeking payback for the injustice he went through. Witnesses report a shadowy figure lurking in the darkness and eyes that mysteriously glow. The chilling cries of goats have been heard into the night, sending shivers down the spines of all who dare to get close.

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Present Day

Over the years, paranormal investigators, thrill-seekers, and curious visitors have made their way to Goatman's Bridge in search of a supernatural experience. Some claim to have experienced unexplained phenomena, such as sudden temperature drops, disembodied voices, and even physical touches from an unseen presence.

Whether you believe in ghostly apparitions or not, the haunted legend of Goatman's Bridge near Denton, Texas, continues to captivate and terrify all who dare to delve into its dark past and eerie ambiance.

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