Check out the world premiere of Graham Bonnet's video for “Livin’ in Suspicion.” It's featured on Meanwhile, Back in the Garage, the new Graham Bonnet Band album out now from Frontiers Records.

“Livin’ in Suspicion” was composed by Russ Ballard; he earlier wrote "Since You Been Gone," Bonnet's biggest hit from his time in Rainbow.

"Russ has been a friend for many many years and written many songs for me in the past," said Bonnet, who's also fronted the Michael Schenker Group and Alcatrazz. "This time, I really feel that almost by chance we have something that can be seen as another 'Since You Been Gone' type of song, very memorable and people can instantly relate to it. That was a big part of what made 'Since You Been Gone' so successful back in 1979 when I was in Rainbow."

Released July 13, Meanwhile, Back in the Garage sees Bonnet struggling with the state of the world in such songs as “Incest Outcest U.S.A.” and “America … Where Have You Gone,” as well as a cover of Tina Turner’s hit “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” There’s also a good bit of rocking going on: “Long Island Tea,” “Man on the Corner” and the title track show relentless pace and power. The video for "Livin' in Suspicion" features Kurt James on guitar, Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards and Mark Benquechea on drums.

Bonnet is in fine voice across the album’s 13 songs, and the band (with Joey Tafolla providing guitar work on all tracks except “Livin’ in Suspicion,” on which James takes over) provides the perfect atmosphere for him to stretch out and show off his strengths. Bonnet is pleased with the reception Meanwhile, Back in the Garage has received since its release. "People are saying this is the best record I have made, either for many years – or even 'ever,' as a couple have said," Bonnet said.

Meanwhile, Back in the Garage also includes a DVD of Graham Bonnet Band's performance on Live From Daryl’s House earlier this year. Order it here.

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