It's Halloween time which not only means candy, trick or treating and parties, but people scaring the heck out of other people. Watch this prank that doesn't sit well with others as they are terrified of the 'Human Chair Prank'.

One of of my favorite things about Halloween, are the spooky pranks that are all over the internet. So, I spend a lot of time cruising YouTube during work at home looking for these funny videos.

This video, uploaded to Rich Ferguson's YouTube channel, shows several victims entering a store to see a comfy looking chair with a welcoming sign, "Welcome! Have a seat and enjoy a treat!". The people sit, and the chair comes alive!

Rich has definitely perfected the art of scaring the heck out of people. In fact, here are a few more videos that I think you'll laugh your rear end off to.

Head Knocked Off Prank

Free Chair Prank

Ghost Touching Prank




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