I did a double take when I saw the number. Clint Eastwood is 81 years old (May 31st)! Kind of a shocker isn't it? I just don't think about him being THAT old.

I think we never want those heroes to age. And arguably he's the biggest male movie star since John Wayne. I know there would be a handful of other stars who might deserve the 'biggest' label, such as Robert Redford, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Jack Nicholson perhaps. But none has had MORE impact than Eastwood.

He's legendary for Westerns, Action movies like 'Dirty Harry', and even love stories ('Bridges Of Madison County'). He's also an award winning Director/Producer. I thought his most recent starring role in 'Gran Torino' was spectacular. Happy 81st Birthday to Clint Eastwood. Here's a favorite scene from 'Dirty Harry':

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