Jerry Lee Lewis celebrates his 76th birthday today, September 29th. Did anybody think 'The Killer' would be the last man standing from the original 'Million Dollar Quartet' of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and him? Jerry thought enough about it that he named an album 'Last Man Standing' a few years back.

Lewis, along with Little Richard re-defined how much of a showman you can be at the piano. He's done everything from dancing on it, to kicking piano benches across the stage, to setting it literally on fire. Out of all of the original Sun Records artists, Jerry Lee Lewis was obviously the wildest, most 'on the edge'. His wild side carried over into real life and almost killed him several times over the years.

Nowadays, Jerry Lee seems to have settled down a little bit....offstage anyway. He released an album last year entitled 'Mean Old Man', which featured a slew of guest artists and garnered great reviews. See more on the Killer's birthday here at, and check out a video of Lewis performing 'Whole Lotta Shakin' from the Steve Allen show in 1957:

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