Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! The Rolling Stones ringleader turns 69 years young today, July 26.

The pic of the week, shown above, displays a fresh-faced Jagger striking a pose in the early ’60s, just as the Stones were starting to make some serious noise. Do you think he knew that a few decades later he’d be revered as one of the most influential frontmen of one of rock’s greatest bands of all time? Looking at the confidence he exudes, he just might have had some inkling of what was coming his way.

With his distinctive vocal chops, trademark stage moves, and notorious sexual exploits, Mick Jagger has clocked in over fifty years in the music business, and made it look easy. While bands come and go throughout the years Jagger and the Stones have continued to be a mainstay in the rock world.

As the Rolling Stones recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, rumors continue to swirl that they are gearing up for a big tour announcement, but nothing has been officially confirmed just yet. Guitarist Keith Richards did admit that the band has been rehearsing but for what, when and where, he is not willing to disclose.

The Stones did recently reveal a new logo, check it out here.

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