The summer months are on the way which means hundreds will take to the Texas highways on vacation, trying to escape the normal for a few days. Speaking of escaping the normal, why stay in the same crowded hotels?

Why not do something different?

I've found a place in Seguin that you should check out. It's spacious and you can have it all to yourself. It's in the heart of the historic downtown district and the best part to's haunted. I've had this spooky location on my list of places to visit for a long time.

You can find the Haunted Magnolia Hotel on Airbnb. It's not your usual bed and breakfast. You'll have access to the entire 2800 sq. ft. second floor (including a creepy 11-room unrestored area) and be able to encounter all the spiritual activity that has built up over the years. The hosts, Jim and Erin are Airbnb Superhosts, that go above and beyond.

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There have been many ghostly sightings and ghostly voices (or EVPs) captured on digital recorders. Scroll on to take a look inside this haunted bed and breakfast. See if you spot any ghosts.

Beware: Stay In This Haunted Texas Airbnb

Let's take a look inside this creepy but cool Airbnb listing.

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Still not convinced about the hauntings? Just check out the below video to discover more chills.

Let's face it, it's not every day you get the chance to stay in a haunted location. As it turns out Texas is one of the most haunted states in the nation. So, this year, take a chance and test your fears.

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