NASA is inviting everyone to have an 'all American meal' with astronauts on board space shuttle Atlantis this Thursday, July 14th.  It will be a virtual dining experience of course.

Since this is the last flight for the shuttle program, the space agency has posted the meal recipes, or in space terms, 'formulations' on its website so that we can have a special experience this coming Thursday, July 14th.

On the menu? Grilled chicken, barbecue brisket, and baked beans (are those a good idea in an enclosed cabin in space??!)


Our versions will taste a bit better than those on the shuttle since all of their food is either freeze dried or bought commercially and re-packaged for consumption in space. The astronauts are expected to 'sit down' for dinner early to mid afternoon this coming Thursday (July 14th). I'm going to miss the shuttle program. Still the most amazing vehicles in the universe. Get more details and those out-of-this-world recipes here at .

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