Between the epic run of Game of Thrones and the impressive first season of Westworld, odds are good that you’re currently rocking an annual subscription to HBO or HBOGo. Few networks are still in the business of appointment television, but with social media sites like Twitter exploding into a flurry of spoilers after each new episode of both shows, fans are finding that their only real options are to watch on time or to not watch at all. In fact, we can sometimes get so caught up in the quality of their long-form television that we forget that HBO has some pretty darn good movies, too.

And whether you’re an active HBO customer or a user on the fence, you’ve got to be excited about the following news: according to news site HBO Binge (via Heroic Hollywood), a whole mess of Batman movies are about to make their way onto the network in November. That includes the Michael Keaton movies (Batman, Batman Returns), the Val Kilmer movie (Batman Forever), the George Clooney movie (Batman & Robin), and even some of the impressive Batman movies from the Warner Bros. animation team (Batman: Year One, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 & 2). All of this is building up to the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the end of the month.

While some fans may be disappointed that this list does not include the Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale films, let’s be honest here: fans of those movies watch them all the time anyways, and aren’t you at least a little curious to confirm your suspicions that Batman Forever was a train wreck all along and you were just too young to notice? Those animated movies are no joke, either. In our complete ranking of the DC animated movies from this past summer, each of Year One, Under the Red Hood, and The Dark Knight Returns placed in the top five of DC’s animated fare. Just remember to thank HBO as your family is gathered around the television to binge on Batman movies this Thanksgiving.

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