Bob Saget has had an interesting career. Originally a stand-up comic known for his very vulgar material, he is most famous for playing patriarch Danny Tanner on ‘Full House,’ a family-oriented sitcom. Since his time with Uncle Jesse, the Olsen Twins and the rest, Saget has settled into a comfortable life of being famous for being Bob Saget.

But, over the weekend, he showed off a much more active skill. The 56-year-old sang the national anthem before a Chicago White Soxs game. So how did he do?

Not bad at all. And he resisted the urge to desecrate our national song with any blue lyrics. (Or gestures, like fellow ‘’90s TV star Rosanne Barr once did.)

Given how poorly celebs generally do when they are asked to throw out the first pitch at baseball games, maybe more should follow Saget’s lead and do the anthem instead.

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