So you've got your Christmas shopping almost done, right? Okay, maybe not, but soon you're going to have to wrap all those presents.

Wrapping presents can be pretty overwhelming. So, I found some great videos to help. This fist one is one that I've seen on Facebook. It's supposed to be super fast and I guess the more you do it the fast you will get. I am definitely going to try this one. It's called Diagonal Wrapping.

If that is too fast for you...below is a slowed down version of the same technique.

The next video is really helpful! How many times do you have a strangely shaped item and you just don't have any boxes to put it in or more likely you just don't feel like finding a box for it. This is really great for food items. This video will show you how to wrap 10 different shapes! including:
1: Triangle
2: Square
3: Pentagon
4: Cylinder
5: Pillow Box
6: Rectangle
7: Pyramid
8: Odd Shapes
9: Sphere
10: Cube

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