It's that time of year. Our bellies are full of turkey and now the long weekend is ahead. What to do? For many, it's time to get the Christmas tree down from the attic along with all the other holiday decor. The Christmas tree is the main focal point in the house this time of year. At least it is for my family.

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For many households, the decorating of the tree is an event for the whole family. Especially if you have young kids, this is a time for making moments. From the lights to the theme and ornaments, there are steps you can take to really up your game. In an article from House Beautiful, you can find several ways to decorate your tree like a professional. Scroll on to see how easy it can be to ornate the most beautiful tree you've had in years.


Farmhouse style Christmas background with decorated tree and decor objects
Photo: Kristen Prahl/Getty Images

Step 1: Invest in a Good Tree

Whether you decide on a live tree or an artificial one, make sure it's of good quality with solid branches that will hold ornaments.

Step 2: Give the Tree a Good Fluff

If your tree happens to be in a box, you'll want to fluff and shape the branches. This makes it look fuller and more natural.

Step 3: Decide on a Theme

A real trick of the pros is to decorate your tree around a theme. A central look that ties in all the decorations.

Woman putting ornaments on Christmas tree
Photo: Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Step 4: Start With Lights First

Unless you have a pre-lit tree, you'll need lights. The pros recommend about 100 lights for every 2 feet of the tree. In other words, for a 6-foot tree, you'll need around 300 lights.

Step 5: Add and Balance Your Ornaments

You'll want to make sure the ornaments and decor on the tree are spread out to your liking. Try decorating from the top to the bottom.

Step 6: Layer And Style Ribbons

Another tip of the pros is to layer your tree with decorative ribbons. This can be a game changer. Give it a try.

Presents under a Christmas Tree
Photo: Uyen Le/Getty Images

Step 7: Try Using Tree Picks

You can really make your tree stand out with picks. Twigs, berries, and floral sprays can all be used here.

Step 8: Use Scented Decorations

This one is a personal favorite that I do. You can really bring in the sights and smells of the season using these.

Photo: Marie Despeyroux/Unsplash
Marie Despeyroux/Unsplash

Step 9: Pick The Right Tree Topper

The statement that a tree topper can make can really finish out your tree. Star and Angels are the most used but they come in a variety of designs.

Photo: Amira Hegazy/Unsplash
Amira Hegazy/Unsplash

Step 10: Add a Tree Skirt

This is often skipped but I think they're important. Not only can they hide the ugly trunk of the tree but they'll protect your floor from needles should you have a real tree. They're the finishing touch to any great-looking Christmas tree.

No matter if you have a live tree or artificial, a big tree or small, you can use these simple steps to really make things pop this year.

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