Who doesn't love ice cream this time of year? According to a new survey, ice cream is the most popular dessert, beating out cake, cookies and pies.

From Yahoo survey ice cream take the cake! (Or um, well, you know!) :

Ice cream: 41 percent
Cake: 20 percent
Cookies: 11 percent
Pie: 11 percent
Fruit: 9 percent
Candy: 7 percent

The survey also showed that the top brands of ice cream are Breyers then Ben & Jerry and coming in at number was Haagen-Dazs. What? Where's Blue Bell? This study wasn't done in the south was it?

Speaking of Blue Bell, it looks like we won't have to wait too much longer for it to be back in stores! The plant in Alabama got the "all's good" so soon the other plants will too. I'm just sure of it! Although, I will still keep my fingers crossed for a while longer!

The study also showed that 86 percent of us eat ice cream at least once a week and 11 percent eat it every day.

Let's go ahead and do our own poll and find out what the top brand of ice cream is here in the south!

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