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I have a love-hate relationship with Ice Cream. As a child I had a love affair with ice cream I could eat it 24/7 and my favorite flavor was chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and every flavor in between.

However, as I grew older ice cream decided it was gonna do things to me that I didn't like, one is called lactose intolerance. I blow up like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Guy and I'm not talking about weight gain either (gas).

Fast forward to today. I've been married for over 36 years and my wife absolutely positively loves ice cream. She's got her favorite flavors. They are, all of them, and she can sit and enjoy ice cream day or night it doesn't matter the season.

I am the chauffeur that drives the ice cream queen around town. First off, Abilene has some great places for ice cream and you would not even know it.

For example, one place we frequent at least once a week is Larry's Better Burger they have a soft-serve, or try Lucy's Big Burgers where they feature different homemade flavors (my favorite is their awesome cinnamon). Think about it, burger joints with great ice cream.

However, if she is going to have fancy ice cream, she tells me to drive her to Cold Stone, The Roll Shack, Baskin Robbins, Two Profs, or Dairy Queen. Abilene has a plentiful supply of great places to get those creamy creations.

Look at Some Of The Places To Get Ice Cream In Abilene

Some of the other places to get Ice cream in Abilene are Honey & Fig Gelato Bar on South 2nd (only open Thur-Sat 3-8 PM), Bahama Bucks on North Judge Ely Blvd, and don't forget if you're in a hurry McDonald's has ice cream also. Enjoy!

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