Property crime is on the rise all over the United States. This is especially true in Texas. For example, property crime rates in San Angelo are higher than national averages and even higher than average for Texas.

In fact, If you just do a simple Google search for surveillance or security cameras in Texas, you will pull up multiple pages of providers. Security cams are big business. People are also installing Ring doorbell cameras and other front door video security systems.

While it's clear that consumers believe the best home security cameras and video doorbells are essential to protecting their property, does the research bear this out. A study of incarcerated burglars found that 60 percent of them say they would choose another target if a security camera was present.

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It would seem that security cameras are a deterrent to crime. However, a new study indicates that many homeowners admit crime isn't the only thing they're trying to catch on camera.

In a new survey of over 1,000 Americans with home security systems done by smart home surveillance company Vivint, 25 percent confessed that they use their security cameras to peek at what their neighbors are up to. One in seven respondents further confessed that they've caught their neighbors walking around naked on their cams.

Now, hold up. Wait a minute. Just where are they pointing those cameras? And can they legally post the footage?

Here in Texas, the answer is "no." It's a crime to photograph, videotape record, broadcast or transmit a visual image of another person's intimate area without obtaining their consent if the other person has a reasonable expectation that their privates are not subject to public view.

Unfortunately, there are some who have no problem violating the law in this matter. That's why it's probably a really good idea to invest in some heavy duty drapes or blinds. It just seems the ultimate in irony that some people are using cameras designed to catch criminal behavior, to engage in criminal behavior. Sadly, as much as we worry about Big Brother watching, in the end it might just be our nosy neighbor.

Shame on you.

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