Call it an iPhone 7-alarm fire.

Brianna Olivas was completely freaked out recently when her iPhone 7 Plus exploded and began smoking. Her boyfriend grabbed his phone and recorded the strange scene (note the NSFW language):

It's not a total shock the phone went up in smoke. Olivas says it wouldn't turn on the day before, so clearly something was wrong. When she took it to the Apple store, employees looked at it and found nothing wrong. Things seemed to running fine until the next day when it started burning up.

Apple is looking into the matter and says succinctly, "We are in touch with the customer and looking into it."

The phone burning up does not appear to be as widespread as the recent spate of blazes that afflicted the Samsung Galaxy Note7, but it's still bound to raise eyebrows, especially when you consider how many people who've watched this video.

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