One of my favorite lines from the movie Annie Hall is when the main character quips, "I don't want to move to any city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light."

Recently, I began to wonder if there's ever a time when it's legal to turn left on a red light. I was surprised by what I found out.

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First, Right On Red Isn't The Only Player In The Game

I was surprised to find that there are rules for going left on red in several states. I always just assumed that our traffic overlords handed us right on red, and we were just expected to be happy with it.

Apparently, I'm wrong.

There are several places where left on red is technically allowed.

As You Might Already Know, You Need To Have A One-Way Street Involved

You can't just go left on red willy-nilly. There are very specific circumstances involved. Namely, that you're turning onto a one way street.

It is this instance that several states make an allowance for. Knowing that Texas tends to make a point of not doing what other states are doing, it begs the question.

What about Texas?

Of Course, The Lone Star State Has To Be Different

According to the information we were able to dig up, a left on red is allowed if both streets are one way. That means that you're turning from a one way street on to a one way street.

It should go without saying, that this only applies to those situations where a left turn is allowed. It's a very specific set of circumstances that must be met in order for you to enjoy the hidden joy of a left on red.

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