Steve Howey...who plays Kevin Ball on the Showtime series "Shameless"...made a joke about Ebola and President Obama on Twitter that upset several of his followers.

He said, quote, "People shouldn't be so scared about this virus from Africa.  He only has two more years of his presidency."

He deleted it without comment after getting some backlash.

So I have to ask: Is the joke inappropriate? If you strip away the politics, it's actually a reasonably funny joke. Of course, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to strip the politics away from ANYTHING anymore.

Basically, Obama supporters think it's the most horrible thing they've ever heard, while Obama haters think it's the most hilarious thing they've ever heard.

(And that's unfortunate. Generations ago, people hated and mistrusted all politicians equally. And comedians took aim at them as a group. But somewhere along the line they convinced us to take sides. And since then we've lost a big part of our sense of humor about politics, and our ability to look at them all with a critical eye.

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