Everywhere you go you see people that appear to have their cell phones physically attached to their ears and thumbs for fear that if don’t stay glued to the godforsaken thing they just might miss out on something as important as a Facebook status update or the latest social commentary in the form of a meme.

If you are one of these people, the good news is, you are not alone.

According to a recent Time mobility poll that surveyed 5,000 people around eight countries, nearly 84 percent of us cannot survive a single day without our mobile devices.

What’s worse is not only has this addiction plagued the largest portion of the world population, but 25 percent freely admit that they can’t even go a half-hour without checking their phones to see what’s not going on, while one in five are full blown techno-junkies, getting their fix every 10 minutes.

The most shocking discovery is that the majority of people obviously do not have anything better to do in the bedroom but worry about their next text message, as the survey found that three out of four people ages 25 to 29 sleep with their phones next to them.

Interestingly, only 25 percent of the American population admitted to sexting, while the people of Brazil are sext-machines with more than 64 percent of phone owners claiming to have sent nasty pictures of themselves using their phones. Fifty-four percent say the same in India and 45 percent in South America.

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