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We all have our favorite foods, our go to meals and one of the most popular foods in Abilene (and in America for that matter), is Pizza. Recently I asked our listeners what their favorite pizza is and I got a pretty good list on what sound like incredible pizza flavors.

First I'll have to separate the answers from our Facebook because, some listeners just put the name of their favorite pizza place while others shared with their favorite pizza flavors. I will admit while I've come up with some crazy pizza ideas, but our listeners have some that I now want to try and especially on National Pizza Pie Day is Thursday, February 9th.

Okay I will admit that there is a battle raging within me about my favorite pizza flavors. One is the good ole Texan Pizza that does not use pizza sauce but rather a light Mesquite BBQ sauce and it's covered in pepperoni, Canadian bacon, chicken, ham, breakfast bacon, and some good ole beef and no cheese.

My #2 most favorite pizza of all time is what I thought was an original only to find out there are two other place in the world that make my "All American Hot Dog Pizza." You'll find the hot dog pizza in New York and in Italy.

Recently, I made the hot dog pizza at Potters Pizza as you'll see in the video above. However, the most popular pizza in Texas according to our listeners is the standard pepperoni pizza (the BBQ Chicken is not far behind). I've also included the "Favorite Pizza Flavors," "Favorite Pizza Places" and some pizza facts. in the list below.

Favorite Pizza Flavors

  1. Pepperoni Pizza
  2. BBQ Chicken Pizza
  3. The Supreme Pizza
  4. The Hawaiian Pizza
  5. The Cheese Burger Pizza

Favorite Pizza Places ( in no particular order)

  • Potters Pizza
  • Larry's Pizza Express
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Brick Oven Pizza
  • Pizza Hut

As we celebrate National Pizza Pie Day here are some really cool facts about Pizza:

  1. Approximately 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the U.S.
  2. 93% of Americans order a pizza at least once a month
  3. The most pizzas are consumed during the big game in America
  4. Pizza was first developed in Naples, Italy as an affordable meal
  5. Pizza came to America in 1905 and became very popular after World War II
    Source: Big Mario's Pizza New York

This National Pizza Pie Day on February 9th, make it a point to set some time aside to enjoy you favorite pizza with family and friends. Bon Appetit y'all.

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