Nearly every city in Texas either has a law or ordinance banning trash-dumping or littering in their cities. Let us not forget that Texas is very proud of our "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign. But more important is the fact there are some items we can't exactly just throw in a trashcan or a dumpster. Dumping dangerous chemicals and other toxic garbage improperly is highly illegal in Texas.

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I recently started cleaning out my sheds and my project closet. Boy, was I surprised at the amount of paint remover and other chemicals that I had stored from previous projects. The big question is where do I dispose of them?

Abilene is fortunate to have several recycling sites where we can drop off things like plastic and cardboard recycling. One of those handy neighborhood recycling areas, near the intersection of Buffalo Gap Road and Rebecca Lane, has been recently relocated.

The new temporary location is across the street from Walmart at the intersection of Catclaw and Southwest Drive. Once the construction on Buffalo Gap Road is completed, those green recycle bins will be moved back to Buffalo Gap Road. In the meantime, let us not forget about the City of Abilene's super handy Environmental Recycling Center located at 2209 Oak Street.

I believe the City of Abilene does a great job at keeping Abilene beautiful. In trying to do so, Abilene's city leaders continue to provide places to dump our waste, paints, tires, and more. The Environmental Recycling Center is that place. This service is available for Key City residents only. No commercial drop-offs are accepted.

One final thought, whoever came up with the idea to do the music videos - I think that was a stroke of genius. To find out how and when the City of Abilene will be hosting "Amnesty Days" for waste like vehicle tires, paint, liquid chemicals, batteries, and more, check out Abilene's Waste Management websites.

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