Do you believe in ghosts? For the most part I did not, until I was invited to Marshal Tom Hill's House inside the Taylor County History Center. I was told there was an "actual ghost" haunting the house, that it is the wife of Abilene's first marshal Tom Hill, and that she wants everyone out of her house.

The curators at the Taylor County History Center say without hesitation that "the house is haunted and it will scare the hell out of you." One true fact - Marshal Hill's son died in the house on Halloween night. If that isn't creepy enough, you should take the tour.

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LOOK: Buffalo Gap Historic Village Is Really Haunted

The Buffalo Gap Historic Village loves to share the tales of the ghosts that still reside and haunt the buildings there. The Hill House is not the only building that's got some left-over visitors, but this one made the hair on the back of my neck stick straight out.

At the famed Hill House, you might witness flowers and greeting cards being moved and shuffled around, and at times thrown on the floor with no one around. Doors open and close on their own. Many visitors have felt a sensation of being shoved or pushed out of the tiny house.

The paranormal investigative TV show has examined the house and spent some time there, coming to the conclusion that the house indeed is haunted and "paranormal scary." This is not for the faint of heart, nor do I recommend for small children.

I've been there and will admit there is something strange going on in the Hill House. Go visit, and I will wait for you outside. The Taylor County History Center is located at 133 William St in Buffalo Gap, if you dare darken their doorstep.

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