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Car crashes are not uncommon in Texas however there seems to be more happening more often on specific stretches of roads in West Texas. One of those roads is I-20 a stretch between Eastland Texas and Sweetwater Texas.

Another road is the old Clyde Highway which has seen its share of fatal crashes in the past two and a half years. However the ECCA Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Gary Young says "There is a stretch of road that is very dangerous if you are not paying attention."

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A piece of Texas Highway 277 South between San Angelo and Abilene is called Deadman's Curve

That piece of road is Highway 277 South. Furthermore, Gary says the Texas Department of Transportation has done wonders in the past 5 years to improve that road that has become known as the Deadman's Curve amongst other names like the Double S, and the Blind Curve.

Highway 277 South is a stretch of road that goes through the rolling hills of the Big Country between Abilene and San Angel. Gary went on to clarify that "there is a good number of crashes that occur in that 10 miles stretch and that stretch of road is really a non-typical piece highway because of the rolling hills and curves and drivers really need to be alert and pay attention."

Young says "More recently, most crashes are single-car wrecks and not multiple-car crashes. These wrecks happen because drivers are too distracted while going through these winding roads."

Additionally, the Fire Chief said, "Speed is also a major contributing factor because Texas Highway 277 South has some steep hills and sharp curves that require every driver to slow down."

The best advice the ECCA Fire Chief would like to share with us is to "slow down, pay attention and stay off your mobile communication devices." So, if you find yourself traveling on that stretch of the road take Gary's advice to slow down, and enjoy the scenic drive.

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