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I believe that nearly every Texas home has at least one game console hidden somewhere throughout the house. Although I'm not a gamer, there are a few in my house because nearly all of my family are gamers. According to the latest statistics from Solitaire Bliss, gaming in Texas is huge.

From the games, we choose to play to the amount of time we spend gaming. Texas has managed to make the record books. Let the records show that Texans are also willing to sacrifice a lot just to continue gaming.

<p style="text-align: center;">Some records Texans have been setting are not necessarily that good</p><p> </p>

The records that are being set aren't necessarily very good either. However, we Texans are gonna do things bigger and better than any other state in the union. The latest statistics indicate that the average Texas gamer spends a lot of time in front of that gaming console.

As a matter of fact, the average American gamer plays 14 hours of video games a week. Gamers spend the most time playing on their consoles like Xbox and PlayStations on average six hours per week. However, we Texans spend a minimum of 17 hours per week playing video games. Putting Texas at number 3 in the nation. Here are the top 5 (according to the Entertainment Software Assoc ESA).

The States That Play the Most Video Games

  1. Ohio: 17 hours per week
  2. Michigan: 17 hours per week
  3. Texas: 17 hours per week
  4. Maryland: 16 hours per week
  5. Florida: 16 hours per week

Furthermore playing games on our phones also ranks way up there as the average Texan spends 4 hours a week playing video games on their mobile devices, and others will spend 3 hours a week playing games on their computers or laptops.

What state has the biggest gaming obsession?
Why Texas of course. 72% of the Texas gamers sacrifice sleep. Here are the top five states most likely to stay up to play are:

  1. Texas: 86%
  2. Washington: 84%
  3. Kansas: 82%
  4. Nevada: 80%
  5. Ohio: 80%

40% of gamers have admitted to foregoing food just to keep gaming. These are the top five states and again Texas is tops.

  1. Texas: 60%
  2. California: 56%
  3. Washington: 51%
  4. Louisiana: 50%
  5. Colorado: 48%

Interestingly enough, 78% of men play on game consoles while 69% of women prefer to play on their phones. By the way, what games are most gamers and Texans obsessed with? Here are the top 5

  1. Puzzle game Candy Crush: 60% as seen in the above video
  2. Role-playing game Final Fantasy: 44% as seen in the below video
  3. Action game Call of Duty: 42% as seen in the above video
  4. Digital card game Solitaire: 41%
  5. Arcade game Subway Surfers: 30%

Finally, it's a know scientific fact that video games provide mental stimulation, stress and anxiety relief, and so much more. Happy gaming y'all! Source: Solitaire Bliss

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