The Abilene Zoo is proud to announce that the stork has delivered a newborn female Maned Wolf pup. Her name is Lyra. The pup was born at the Abilene Zoo on December 18th, 2023 to first-time parents Vega and Henry.

Lyra and her mother Vega are currently enjoying bonding time together and will not be on exhibit anytime soon. However, zoo officials have hinted that we will get to meet the newborn soon, at the earliest mid-March.

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Zoo Curator Robert Trejo said, “This is very a exciting time. It’s our first maned wolf puppy born in four years. We celebrated the first-ever AZA International Maned Wolf Day a few months ago and we were all secretly hoping for puppies.” Trejo went on to say, “Maned wolves live 12 to 15 years under our care, so at 10 years old, Henry is middle-aged. Given his age, we weren’t sure his bloodline would continue. It makes this birth extra exciting knowing that Henry’s bloodline will continue now.”

Lyra was somewhat named after her mother. "Vega" happens to be the brightest star in the Lyra constellation, so that's why it is sort of like naming her after her mother. According to zoo officials, Vega and Henry are separated as Lyra begins learning how to walk and feeds off momma for at least the next four weeks or so. Near the end of February, Henry and Vega will be reunited and will continue to raise their baby together.

Abilene Zoo Director Jesse Pottebaum remarked “Abilene Zoo has been working to protect maned wolves, which are listed as a near-threatened species. Maned wolves are an AZA SAFE species, meaning they are one of the many species AZA-accredited institutions, like Abilene Zoo, are working to save from extinction.”
Source: Abilene Zoo News Release

So get ready as Abilene Zoo visitors will soon be able to catch a glimpse of the zoo's newest family member Lyra the Maned Wolf. Update your Abilene Zoo membership or order your tickets now.

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