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I love me some good-tasting tacos, whether they are hard, soft, fish, beef, pork, chicken, asparagus, or veggie. I have turned the town upside down in search of good old fashion tacos, and the new veggie kind too.

So, where's the best place to find some good ole tacos, inside the Key City. Now, Abilene has a ton of Mexican food restaurants. If there's one thing that's for certain its that you'll find convenience stores, churches, and Mexican food restaurants all over Abilene.

LOOK: These Tacos Are What You'll Find In Abilene

If you love tacos then you're in luck because Abilene has lots of places to find some tasty tacos

So finding the tacos in town was easier said than done, because most restaurants have their own variation of a taco. I mean, am I taking tacos for granted here? The "classic taco" as we know it, is a crispy yellow corn tortilla with ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese period. That Taco exists in all the fast-food restaurants.

Most of the sit-down restaurants serve what I refer to as "artisan tacos" or "chef-inspired" tacos. So this is my gallery of all the tacos that I encountered while on my search for good-tasting tacos in Abilene Texas.

Now, mind you I think almost all tacos are very tasty and while I sometimes get in the mood for a "classic taco" my favorites are soft shell white or yellow corn fancy meats and I add pico de Gallo. In the above photo gallery, you'll see the tacos I encountered.

Picking the top three tacos in Abilene would be extremely difficult if you ask me. But then again that would be my opinion and my opinion only. I'll let you decide what the best tacos in Abilene are check them out and let me know. By the way, did I miss any?


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