On Saturday afternoon after finishing my live broadcast, I ran by a local restaurant on South 1st Street to pick up my wife's favorite nachos. As I'm putting my seat belt on, I hear screeching tires and the yelp of a dog. I look up to see a dog running back into the parking lot from the street to avoid being hit by a car.

Then I notice an elderly couple getting into an SUV next to me, and again I hear tires screeching. This time they were from a huge dually pick-up truck swerving into the parking lot trying to avoid hitting the dog but moving in the direction of the elderly couple. Fortunately, another accident was avoided.

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I jumped out and called the dog, and it came running wagging its tail. It was a young white German Shepherd with no collar. I was able to coax him into my vehicle. That's when I felt dumbfounded. What do I do with this dog?

I know sometimes things can get a little confusing when you're trying to help out an animal and get them to the Abilene Animal Shelter. After calling the shelter and a couple friends, I learned from Andrea Robison at All Kind that there are protocols and procedures in place for situations like this - when a pet with no collar or identification needs shelter, and the animal shelter is not open.

Do drop by the All Kind Animal Shelter at 925 South 25th. If the animal is chipped, they can contact the owners for you. However, when the shelter is not open you can try the following:

  1. Take the animal to any fire station or any of the emergency veterinary clinics, and they can check to see if the animal is chipped.
  2. If the animal is in danger and/or is running the risk of causing a car crash or potentially hurting someone, you will need to call the Abilene Police Department Non-Emergency Number and they will dispatch an animal shelter officer. The number is 325-673-8331.
  3. Finally, if you can keep the animal until the Abilene All Kind Animal Shelter is open again, that would be the best plan.

If you need a collar and an ID tag, All Kind can provide you with one. This was a learning experience for me, and we got the animal back to its rightful owner who did not know its dog was causing havoc on South First Street.

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