Beauty rest, catching some Z's, 40 winks, or getting some shut-eye – whatever you call it, we all need sleep. Yet, many of us struggle to get enough. Texans, however, are doing pretty well.

When it comes to a good night's sleep, some states excel more than others. Texas made it to the top ten list, although Hawaii clinched the number one spot for both quantity and quality of sleep, according to the study by Better

Photo by: Better
Photo by: Better

While we're sawing logs, the quality of sleep we're getting varies from state to state, and Texas is in the top 20. The quality of sleep depends on various factors, including sleeping patterns, preferred sleeping positions, and nightly interruptions.

Texans have their favorite sleeping positions. The number one preferred position is fetal, which, according to WebMD, is the best position for sleep. This position helps reduce back pain and promotes better alignment of the spine.

The second favorite position is the log, where you sleep on your side with your back mostly straight. This position is beneficial for reducing sleep apnea and eliminating neck and back pain since your spine remains aligned.

The third on the list is the freefall position, where you sleep on your stomach. However, WebMD researchers caution that this position can lead to back and neck issues due to the unnatural alignment of the spine.

The fourth popular position is the soldier, where you sleep flat on your back with your arms by your sides. While this position can cause snoring and may interrupt sleep, it is also known to help with overall posture.

Overall, Texans average 7.8 hours of sleep per night, ranking #9 for the most sleep among all states. Furthermore, we Texans ranked at number 14 for sleep quality. According to the CDC, getting plenty of good quality sleep is crucial for living longer, healthier lives.

Understanding the importance of sleep and the best positions for rest can significantly impact our health. Texans are on the right track, but there's always room for improvement. By adopting better sleep habits and positions, we can ensure we're getting the rest we need to stay healthy and happy.

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