First off and for the record, unusual-looking Airbnbs are not the thing for me. However, my wife and daughters love staying at places that resemble dollhouses, storybook cottages, wizards' castles, Beverly Hills mansions, or a place that looks like Sheriff Taylor and Opie live in it.

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Show me an Airbnb that's got a built-in Starbucks espresso machine, a freezer well-stocked with Blue Bell ice cream, or a nearby McDonald's. That's the Airbnb for me. Nonetheless, if your family is looking for a unique Airbnb to finish off summer vacation, you may want to visit one of these cities.

It appears that Texans love our unusual Airbnbs so much that the Lone Star State ranked #1 for having some of the most unique Airbnb rentals, according to Shane Co and the Loupe. Three Lone Star cities made the top 10 list of Cities With Unique Airbnbs.

One important fact to remember is that glamping is considered a unique Airbnb experience. Glamping ("glorious" and "camping" combined) is a form of camping that involves accommodations more luxurious than those found in traditional camp parks. Now let's take a look at what cities made the list of unusual Airbnbs in Texas.

The number one city on the top of the list is our state capital, Austin, with over 306 unique Airbnbs. The 2nd city at #6 is New Braunfels, with 140 unique Airbnbs and finally, at #9 with 118 unique Airbnbs is Fredericksburg, Texas. Now let's go find what floats your boat.

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Photo by: / The Loupe
Photo by: / The Loupe

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