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According to the latest numbers from Data USA, the most common sectors of employment in Abilene are health care/health services assistance, the retail sector, and the educational services field. While Dyess Air Force Base is a major employer, the fact remains that health care, retail, and education are the main top three employers in the Key City.

The latest numbers according to Abilene's healthcare employs just under 10,000, while the retail trade sector employs just over 7000, and the education sector employees have nearly 6000 employees. Dyess Air Force Base has a population of just over 13,000, yer employs just over 5,500. It is expected to grow with the addition of a new aircraft that is coming to the base.

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The fact that Dyess is the first base in the nation getting the new bomber, that fact alone is a great indicator that our employment sector will be growing even more than what the latest Data USA numbers are showing. Not only will Dyess grow, we now have a city that needs to accommodate all the new families that are coming to support the new aircraft.

Other businesses and city, county, and state government offices are also hiring thousands of people in Abilene many of which are hiring right now. I hear it all too often "we can't seem to hire enough people.

Nonetheless, I believe that because of the civilian job market and the new aircraft at Dyess Air Force Base, both are working hard toward growing the employment numbers in Abilene and the Big Country, thus making Abilene a leader in employment in the State.

Finally, all of Abilene's businesses produced just over $8 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021 and the numbers keep going up. All thanks are due to the various employers in Abilene. Sources included Data USA,  Develop, Fred Economic Data, and the Employment chart on Wikipedia.

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