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The Abilene Zoo staff has been preparing for this day for months, and it's not that day but rather this day and they both happened on the same day. Needless to say, the Abilene Zoo Staff was very busy.

You're probably wondering, what is he talking about? First off the Annual Rock and Roar benefit fundraiser concert that brings music, food, and awesome entertainment together at our incredible Abilene Zoo for a night of fun. While the Zoo staff was making sure everything was in place for the perfect Rock and Roar for all the Zoo supporters, another baby was born in the early morning hours.

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Yep, the second giraffe they have been expecting at the Abilene Zoo was born, and the Zoo staff and caretakers hopped into action to make sure this new baby was healthy and ready for the brand new world.

I have always had so a deep respect and love for our Abilene Zoo staff and caretakers because they are there for whatever those animals need, no matter what time of day or night it is. Also, keep in mind that for the past month the Zoo staff was taking votes on naming the other baby giraffe that was born on June 4th.

So this baby now joins the Abilene Zoo's giraffe tower (a tower is a group of giraffes) and within hours of being born this newborn is up and running around investigating its surroundings (as seen in the above video). The video below is of the giraffe born in June now named Makena, making its public debut at the Zoo.

Finally, the video below shows the Abilene Zoo keepers sharing the feeding routine for the giraffes.

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