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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has made it to the 21st century. For the first time in the history of hunting in Texas, you can apply for your 2022-2023 Super Combo Hunting and Fishing license online from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department now.

While I'm having mixed feelings about getting my license on the computer because all my life we have made it a ritual trip to get our hunting and fishing licenses at the local Walmart, Academy Sports, Big Five, or our local Texas Parks and Wildlife office. Click here to find a local place to purchase your license.

After speaking with our local game warden Lacey Loudermilk he informed me that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is excited and encouraging everyone to go online get the app My Texas Hunt Harvest and apply for your 2022-2023 Super Combo hunting and fishing licenses.

The digital license option is available through an online purchase only

Texans can now purchase a fully digital super combo license that gives you permission to digitally tag a harvested deer, turkey, or oversized red drum. Interestingly, no more pieces of paper to keep up with just use duct tape a permanent marker, and your license number.

However digital Super Combo license holders will have to understand and abide by all of the state's requirements and provisions as seen in the video above. The upside to all of this is that you can submit your harvest from your smartphone through the new My Texas Hunt Harvest app (MTHH).

Interestingly, if you have no cell phone service where you harvest your deer you will have to find service as soon as possible and submit your harvest. Once that is done you're off to the processing plant or your fish cleaning table.

Download the My Texas Hunt Harvest app from the App Store and get ready to go hunting and fishing today. For more information contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department online today.

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