Have you seen a UFO in Texas and do you believe in aliens? The west side of the United States sees plenty of UFOs, but it might surprise you not only how many sightings we see in the Lone Star State but also where many sightings occur.

World UFO Day is coming up, not once, but twice within 8 days of each other. June 24th commemorates the first widely reported UFO sighting in 1947 while July 2nd commemorates an incident in the same year.

My wife and I both listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and lately, he has been talking about aliens and UFOs. One of the theories he discussed recently is that aliens are farming our souls from Earth to create souls.

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Like Rogan, I do not necessarily believe that theory. My wife on the other hand seems to believe there might be a little truth behind it. My thought is that if these aliens are as technologically advanced as many believe, why would they need humans, most of whom can't even drive correctly, for anything?

I digress.

Regardless of the many theories out there when it comes to aliens and UFOs, there is growing evidence of their presence across America, including Texas. You might be surprised about how many sightings there are in the Lone Star State.

UFO Sightings in Texas

According to AXIOS, there are way more sightings of UFOs than I even imagined. If you look at the map on their site, Harris County in Texas is the hot spot in Texas, with Dallas County close behind.

Texas Counties with Most UFO Sightings

NUFORC or National UFO Reporting Center recently put up a map with the most UFO sightings in the country. Here are the top results for Texas.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Looking a bit closer to my home in Abilene, Texas it appears there have been 57 sightings in Taylor County. Yikes! Be cool if they were all like Mork from Ork, or even E.T. I'd totally hang with either of those two dudes.


UFO Pics Released By the U.S. Government

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