It's that time of year again in Texas when it starts to rain a lot more and that means the mosquitos are ready to party. If you're looking for ways to help keep those little savages out of your yard, I got you hooked up.

If you're like me, then you probably spend a good portion of your day on the patio soaking up some sun, drinking a cold beverage, and enjoying life. Then as the sun starts to go down, you hear the everlasting sound of buzzing. Before you know it, you have tons of little bites on your body and you spend the next few days in an agonizing cycle of itching.

Let's face it. Mosquitoes suck literally and figuratively. These tips may not get rid of them completely because they are the spawn of Satan, but they will definitely help.

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Drain Water Out of Containers

It doesn't take much water for those little suckers to reproduce. In fact, a 6-inch-diameter plant saucer with only a half-inch of water can be enough for a breeding ground. All they need is a little over a week to have baby mosquitoes. So if you have any containers that have water like bird baths, buckets, or other things that can hold water, it's a good idea to make sure you empty them on a regular basis.

Throw Away Old Stuff

If you have some old stuff just lying around your yard that can collect water, then throw it away. For instance, old tires are great at collecting water. You are pretty much creating a mosquito hotel if you have some just lying around the yard. If you are using a tire as a swing, then you can drill a hole in the bottom of the tire to allow water to escape. Also, don't forget to check your gutters because if they are clogged up, they can retain water, which means the mosquitoes will make it their little love shack.

Tie Your Tarps Up Tight

If you are using a tarp to cover your boat, grill, firewood, or any number of things, make sure they are tied up tight. If they are not, rain can collect on the folds or bottom of the tarp, and guess who likes it when that happens? Yep, the mosquitoes.

Turn Over Buckets and Wade Pools

Again, anything you have out in your yard that can collect water, can collect mosquitoes. This includes your kid's toys, buckets, and little kiddie pools. If it is something that you really don't want to drain, you can get these things called 'mosquito dunks' at most places like Home Depot, Lowe's, or other home center stores. Basically, they are about the size of a quarter and release toxins that won't hurt animals, but kill mosquito larvae. If you have a big pool in your yard, make sure you keep up the maintenance on it or cover it, because if you don't, it will become infested with pool partying 'skeeters'.

Treat Your Yard

At most home centers like Lowe's or Home Depot, you can buy mosquito repellent for between $30-$100. Not only can spray your yard with repellent help, but you can also set traps and set up mosquito lanterns or citronella candles if you hang out in your yard a lot. You can also get a professional to come in and spray your yard if you're lazy like me.

Trust me, these tips will definitely help you prevent a full-blown mosquito party in your yard. Of course, if you're cool with Mosquitofest 2024, then party on. They don't drink much, just your blood and your sanity.

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