No, it's not even remotely close to Valentine's Day but anytime is a good time for love to be in the air. You deserve it. A lovely little weekend with you and your sweetheart sounds nice. I myself have been on a few this summer and for me, Airbnbs made all the difference. We enjoyed all the amenities you'd have in your home, plus extra perks like fire pits and more. If you're into getting the most for your money, then you'll enjoy staying in Airbnbs.

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Finding the perfect place to enjoy your romantic weekend is important. You want it to be perfect and cozy. Many folks use such opportunities to propose marriage. So, the place you pick has to fit just right. Fortunately, right here in West Texas, there are many "love shacks" that you can choose from. Private and intimate yet nice and relaxing. The rest is up to you. Follow along to discover 5 romantic West Texas hideaways.

Look: Love Is in the Airbnb With These 5 Romantic West Texas Hideaways

Let's admit it. Texas has some pretty cool spots to travel to. The best part is that if you don't feel like traveling for a romantic weekend, you certainly don't have to go far. I had the chance to travel to some great areas over the summer and it was Airbnbs all along the way. It was nice to spread out and take in all the amenities that you can not get in a hotel. Plus, having that someone special to share it with makes for one romantic weekend.

If you and your sweetheart decide on a staycation-type getaway there are plenty of great date night ideas right here in Abilene. Keep scrolling to check them out.

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