Well, nobody really particularly cares for them. Unless perhaps you study them and really love your job. In fact, for most folks, they're just a perky nuisance. Bugs. Big ones, small ones. Ones that fly, ones that crawl. It seems like they're everywhere you look.

The summertime months are still here and that's a great time for many creepy crawlies. In the air and on the ground, nowhere is safe. Especially if you're in Texas. Wasps, ants, and other bugs can take over your home. You've got to be prepared. Thumbtack unveiled some information that you may want to know. The top 10 buggiest cities in the nation with Texas landing on it 3 times. Scroll along to see if Abilene is on the list.

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Look: Top 10 of the Buggiest Cities in and US and Texas is Hit Hard

Whew, Abilene escapes the list but Dallas is close by. Texas and Florida both were hit hard according to the data. The study also found that July and August were the worst months.

Naturally, humidity plays a huge role. I noticed right away that most of the above cities were on or close by bodies of water. An absolute paradise for mosquitos and other insects. As a deterrent, try eliminating any standing water and keep all doors and windows shut.

Another great tip is just being informed and prepared. There are several exterminators in the Abilene area that are reviewed and educated on the bugs around these parts. Just a little bit of prevention now can really save some frustration later.

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