Here in Texas, we are known for our vibrant music scene with countless live music venues that host a variety of legendary performances. However, one venue nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State may get overlooked, Potosi Live.

Potosi Live offers some unforgettable events that many Texans may miss out on. This hidden gem hosts a variety of live entertainment that caters to all walks of life. Let's take a look at some of what you are missing out on at Potosi Live.


Photo: Potosi Live
Photo: Potosi Live

The venue offers both indoor and outdoor experiences depending on the event and the weather. Even though there's room for a ton of people, Potosi Live prides itself in still offering an up close and personal experience.

Diverse Entertainment

Potosl Live has a diverse range of entertainment genres. From country and folk to blues and rock, and even comedy, the venue showcases a wide variety of local and national talents. As you'll see in the gallery below, Potosi Live has booked acts like Bret Michaels of Poison, Shane Smith & The Saints, Tracy Byrd, Pauly Shore, and the list goes on.

Amazing Food

Photo: Potosi Live
Photo: Potosi Live

Potosi Live has two restaurants Boiling Tails Co. and Jo Jo's BBQ so they can offer up a wide range of foods including seafood, BBQ, and more.

Unique Events

Aside from doing live entertainment, Potosi Live can also be booked for corporate parties and other events.

That's just a few of the amenities that Potosi Live offers. As I mentioned before, there have been some great live performances at the venue, with many more exciting things to come.

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