Moving is both a blessing and a curse, it's exciting to get into new living quarters but it's a hassle to pack up all your existing stuff and get it there. Nonetheless, we've all had to do it. I had to do it almost a year ago now when there was a fire in my apartment building. Thankfully, no one got hurt and I didn't lose anything but the structural damage was enough that I had to move out. I moved in with my girlfriend in Lindale, Texas but I haven't changed the address on my driver license yet. I need to stop dragging my feet on this and do it or I could be in big trouble.

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OMG Going to the DMV

Going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be a hassle. You have to schedule an appointment which could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months out then drive to whichever location with a folder of paperwork to get done whatever it is you need to get done. Sometimes, the person behind the desk may not be the most helpful or the most cheerful person to deal with. Some places you have to deal with a small group of people who don't make an appointment and are just camped out outside waiting for an open slot.

Renewing or Making Changes Online

Luckily, renewing or making changes to your driver license can be done online. The process does take a couple of minutes to set up, but once it's done, it's a simple process. If I understand correctly, you only need to go to the DMV if you need a new picture for your license which is only about every eight years or so.

Penalty for Not Changing Your Address

You can get into some trouble if you don't change the address on your driver license. You do have a 30 day grace period from the time you move into the new place to get it changed. If you don't and are pulled over, you could pay a penalty of up to $500 and be charged with a Class C misdemeanor (KETK). In most cases, however, if you change the address within 20 business days of the traffic stop, the charge can be dropped altogether.

Bottom Line

So basically, yes, it is illegal to not change your address on your driver license when you move. But some simple steps can be taken to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with tickets and other stuff by getting it done within that 30 day grace period.

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