We still have plenty of time until Halloween to start thinking about what we want to dress up as this year but for many people including my wife people are already starting to come up with ideas. While I play along and dress up each year Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, so I normally go along with whatever costume my wife wants me to wear. If you’re a Halloween fanatic, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of Texas based Halloween Costumes this year. 

Halloween can be fun because it can really be whatever you want it to be. If you’re over 21 and want to go out for drinks, there will be plenty of parties going on all over the place. If you feel like staying at home and watching scary movies or handing out candy to kids that have dressed up, you can do that too. The night is completely up to you, just make sure you stay safe.  

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Why Texas Based Costumes? 

Because so many people have so much pride in the state of Texas, I thought it could be fun to dress up as something with some sort of connection to the state that we call home. Obviously, there are a million different costume ideas, but I just wanted to give you a few more options with a local feel.  

Let’s Look at the Costume Ideas 

Here are just a few Texas based costume ideas that you could dress up as for Halloween this year. Or just some inspiration to start brainstorming costume ideas. 

Texas Based Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're not sure of a costume idea here are 10 ideas connect to the great state of Texas.

Favorite Halloween Costumes for 2022

According to costumes.com, these are the most popular costumes for pets, kids and adults for two thousand and twenty two.

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