A huge water leak shut down a road in College Station on Sunday. Video footage of the leak is going viral across the internet because, well, it was pretty intense...

The leak occurred on Rock Prairie Road right in front of Bachman Park. The water shot straight up over the trees and into the sky. Residents in the area reported discolored water and low water pressure before a big pipe broke. Some neighboring homes suffered damage as a result.

Check out the video below:

So far, the city is still investigating what caused the water leak to happen in the first place, and they are currently unsure how many gallons of water were wasted. The intensity of the spray was compared to what it's like when you put your thumb over the end of a water hose.

The broken portion of the pipe was removed and replaced on Monday, but the South Community Center will be out of water until the break can be completely repaired by the city.

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