This Is Nightmare Fuel For Someone Like Me Who Doesn't Like To Get Stung By Bees So I Can't Possibly Comprehend How These Folks Lived With This.

We take you to Anson, Texas which is a few miles northeast of Abilene where a homeowner there has been dealing with a HUGE problem in the attic of their home.

For over a decade, what started as something small that most homes deal with, turned into something dangerous to the point where help seems impossible but thankfully for these folks, help arrived.

Homeowner Isabel Lozano said they noticed a few bees when they had their roof redone in 2013.

BigCountryHomepage YouTube
BigCountryHomepage YouTube

According to a report from KTAB/KRBC, The Lozano Family says the colony grew larger and larger each year but without being able to get into the attic, they had no idea how bad the issue had gotten.

Well, it got REALLY bad, the weight of the beehive had caved in the ceiling in their living room about three years ago. Bees were coming through the vents and they began to notice honey dripping down the walls. Exterminators were called but they couldn't do much, and then the attacks began. One family member was stung over 400 times and sent to the hospital.

Finally, A Youth Pastor And Beekeeper Was Able To Help.

Just when the family began to lose hope, help arrived thanks to a recommendation from one of the exterminators they hired. Victor Rosenhoff and his friend Shane Sargent own A-Bee-Lene Beekeepers and when they heard about the situation, they offered to do whatever they could to help.

After A Long Day Of Work, The Beekeepers Still Couldn't Believe What They Saw.

BigCountryHomepage YouTube
BigCountryHomepage YouTube

When the job was finished, Rosenhoff measured the hive to weigh 250 pounds. The hive had been built up and melting every summer, only for more to be built on top of it. The hive itself weighed 160 pounds, with the honey they took home accounting for the other 90 pounds.

And while The Lozano family still has remnants of honey and beeswax to clean up, they can at least get started on the process of taking them home back from the bees.

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